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Structured Data Tool Overview

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This free and easy to use search engine optimization tool for music marketing was developed specifically for the serious musician, djs, record labels, music companies, and recording studios who have websites and actively utilize the Internet to promote their music online.

You can easily create custom HTML code for your website that will allow your music to be indexed by search engines—as music! Here's how you make it happen...

Step 1: Choose Type of Content to Tag for Search Engines

Choose what type of contnet you need to make more accessible and understood by search engines.

Step 2: Fill Out the Form Fields

Access a Structured Data Content Input Page from the Structured Data Tool sub-menu and fill out the fields for your chosen type. Click Submit.

Step 3: Copy the Code Created for You

Go to your my account page and access your contents code. Your codes are organized by type and will archive so you can always access and update as needed.

Step 4: Paste it on your site or e-mail the code to your web developer.

Your code is ready to paste onto your website. While you can use it exactly as is, you may want to change parameters or element types to match the layout of your site. The tool is meant to take the tedious work out of adding all the extra code used by search engines to understand your content.

Here is a behind the scenes peak...

Typical HTML Code — before using the tool:

<h1>Name of Band</h1>
Name of Song
Length: 4:05 - 14300 plays
<a href="">Play</a>
<a href="">Buy</a>
From album: <a href="">Name of the Album</a>

After using the tool — the new search engine friendly code:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<h1 itemprop="name">Name of Band</h1>
<div itemprop="tracks" itemscope itemtype="">
<span itemprop="name">Name of Song</span>
Length: <meta itemprop="duration" content="PT4M5S" />4:05 - 14300 plays
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserPlays:14300"/>
<a href="" itemprop="audio">Play</a>
<a href="" itemprop="offers">Buy</a>
From album: <a href="" itemprop="inAlbum">Name of the Album</a>

You just have to fill these out! That's it!

Use the Tool for Free. Register or Log-in.

A few reasons to think about why you should take a little time extra time to have your website properly prepared for search engines:

Simply put, we know music is music when we land on a website—but search engines have no idea. By adding some simple code to your content, you can tell search engines everything about your music. This allows them to index your music as music so it can better share it with websites, social networks, mobile apps, and other future technologies that will make use of this data. 

The structured data tool generates this code for you. You just put in the information, and then you copy and paste it to your pages. Or you can simply create all of your codes, and then share your account with your web developer. It's up to you. We just want to make it easy for you to prepare your content so you can rank higher and maximize your visibility and accessibility! Watch this video below for a breakdown...

While some of us may understand what this is all about immediately, others of us will need to spend a few hours getting acquainted with the reasons why in the process of how to use these simple tools to markup the music on your website, as music, findable music website copy for search engines, web apps, and social networks.

  • They said use this. So use this! Google, Yahoo!, and Bing developed this code together in an effort to unify and organize content all over the Internet.
  • Search engines will know that your music is music. We know music is music, because it's music. This code, gives search engines a similar ability — the us allowing them to organize and display, by making accessible, the content users want and expect.
  • Visually stand out on search results pages! Your search engine listing will stand out over those competing for one of the coveted top 10 rankings on the first page of search results if they have not implemented microformats.
  • Semantic Accessibility is Web 3.0! Structured data allows web apps, websites, and other future interactive platforms to crawl the web and access content that has been properly tagged with this code.

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Why Structured Data?

The serious musician, record labels, and the majors all do! The use of structured data tags for your music is the next best thing to sliced bread—and groupies. This simple to use tool creates the code for your website elements that allow search engines to understand everything about the content on your page.

In other words, you can now tell search engines everything about your song, and they will make sure it gets served when people are searching for your music! You have the ability to ensure that your music is displayed, exchanged, and shared, as your music, all over the Internet. 

If you don't want to deal with this but feel the value for your music, send this page to your web developer, your manager, or whoever will get this handled!

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