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How Does My Site Get Found? A Web Site Findability Overview.

The concept of findability has been a welcomed addition to my vocabulary. Not only is it a means to ensure your information is conveyed to all who seek to access it. It seems that the principles of findability are really the defining means of the way the search engine spiders crawl the Web, ultimately benefiting SEO goals. Especially when you consider the laws pertaining to accessibility.  My readings have really opened up some intriguing insights that we can really utilize to step further ahead. Just like adding microformats can increase functionality, they will define sub searches of future search engines. Not only are they allowing pinpoint accessibility of information and exchanges of data/goods, they will ensure you are evolving with the Web in its core evolution of content’s structure.  

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Why is Google the #1 search engine?

It all comes down to predicting what the people want before they know they want it. I think Google has mastered that. The smartest thing they ever did in my opinion was provided unlimited (almost) e-mail storage. It was the very reason I chose that over my own private email or any of Google's competition.   I think Google is #1 in search because they launched other products that really blew the competition away. It's like reverse engineering though. You might be able to figure out the formula, but the cake will never be the same. A search is a search is a search. It's who people are use to that will keep them coming back. We are all predictable creatures of habit...don't you think? It would take one innovative concept to blow out Google, but that is the fun of all this technological impact. Rome fell, and so will Google. But how in when will rely on who takes it to the next level. I think Google will remain king, at least until we start to see optical computers and virtual 3D worlds as our screens, instead of 2D monitors. 

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Some Intenet Marketing Q n A

Do you think is too different to take away market share from Google? 

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Your Online Reputation

Are you monitoring the entire Internet, listening out for when your name, your band, your song, label, or anything related to your Online reputation are mentioned? With our simple service, we send you consolidated emails every day—providing you with what was said, where, what it means, and even links to the post so you can engage in the Online conversation about you!

All you do is sign-up for the Online reputation monitoring service and you tell us what keywords you want to track. We will manually set you up in our system and you will start receiving your reports via email every 24 hours. Managing your Online reputation gives you the ability to learn about your fans, while giving you an oppoeruntity to get involved with them all over the Internet.

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Why Structured Data?

The serious musician, record labels, and the majors all do! The use of structured data tags for your music is the next best thing to sliced bread—and groupies. This simple to use tool creates the code for your website elements that allow search engines to understand everything about the content on your page.

In other words, you can now tell search engines everything about your song, and they will make sure it gets served when people are searching for your music! You have the ability to ensure that your music is displayed, exchanged, and shared, as your music, all over the Internet. 

If you don't want to deal with this but feel the value for your music, send this page to your web developer, your manager, or whoever will get this handled!

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