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The SEO Effect andEvolution of Business Thought.

The tradition of advertising involves making the consumer believe they have a need, and that your product is the solution. The line of ethics has always been pushed. Such as Camel, and their marketing to children. One advantage that I have seen with PPC is that companies now have to shape how they market their product, around the true nature of the product. Rather than adding flowers to a car and saying it runs better because it used to be a hippie. Instead, SEO tactics are really getting us back to a simplistic approach in thinking how we hit our market, by thinking like our market and how they behave. Call a car a car, and the web will show who really is the leader. Now it seems like it is better to explain facts, and then add the flowers to the content and functionality of the website. It really is cool to see how ethics and goals shift day by day. It's like a game of chess now, versus a game of checkers. Do you think? 

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The effective use of PPC for your company...

PPC advertising is exciting. Not only does it force you to critically think about how you write your ads, but how you actually develop your website content. There is a very fine balance between what is effective and what you actually need to implement. Budget, budget, budget—PPC advertising is a budgets best friend. The Internet not only provides target specific opportunities, these opportunities are at a very reasonable cost, especially compared to traditional advertising. We are provided with a manageable testing situation that runs concurrently to determine your cost and ROI, almost in real time. 

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Some Intenet Marketing Q n A

Do you think is too different to take away market share from Google? 

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Your Online Reputation

Are you monitoring the entire Internet, listening out for when your name, your band, your song, label, or anything related to your Online reputation are mentioned? With our simple service, we send you consolidated emails every day—providing you with what was said, where, what it means, and even links to the post so you can engage in the Online conversation about you!

All you do is sign-up for the Online reputation monitoring service and you tell us what keywords you want to track. We will manually set you up in our system and you will start receiving your reports via email every 24 hours. Managing your Online reputation gives you the ability to learn about your fans, while giving you an oppoeruntity to get involved with them all over the Internet.

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Why Structured Data?

The serious musician, record labels, and the majors all do! The use of structured data tags for your music is the next best thing to sliced bread—and groupies. This simple to use tool creates the code for your website elements that allow search engines to understand everything about the content on your page.

In other words, you can now tell search engines everything about your song, and they will make sure it gets served when people are searching for your music! You have the ability to ensure that your music is displayed, exchanged, and shared, as your music, all over the Internet. 

If you don't want to deal with this but feel the value for your music, send this page to your web developer, your manager, or whoever will get this handled!

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