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The Internet and Technology—A Thought Forward

Do you ever think about would be the advantage of moving some ad dollars away from SEM/SEO towards online publishers?  Traditional media (display media) has been an effective force in marketing and advertising effectiveness. Ignoring this just because innovative technologies are available would be ignorant. We need to learn from the values of these traditional vehicles and apply them to the opportunities afforded by the new. Putting all of your eggs in one basket most always proves a bad idea. By spreading out your budget and using the direct reach and exposures that your targeted messaging creates with online publishers; you can generate some reliable traffic. This traffic would be those interested in what you have to offer, but may not have thought of needing you. An appeal to their curiosity seems effective here in my mind.

The publisher obviously has more control over the content than a representative from an ad network. They would be able to offer you prime real estate for your advertisements. You would also be able to work deals with them individually. They may be willing to allow you to apply Web metrics and other tools if they have none available—a willingness to work with you. While the networks can work great deals, you get the leftovers. Go to the source and you can get the best they offer. As with anything, you get what you pay for. The most important thing is that you select the exact site to advertise on and where you ad(s) get displayed and how. You create the need, and they provide the solution. The other way, you have to fit in with their packaging for the most part.

It seems to be a great model in my opinion. It’s like They are simply filling the empty “rooms” of advertising space left over on sites that maintain consistent levels of inbound traffic. I think they should provide customization and specificity in their deals for niche specific clients. As with every industry, they will have their ebbs and flows. They just need to maintain flexibility with the evolving Internet culture. What they do today can realistically be obsolete tomorrow. One thing is for sure; they need to figure out a way to not annoy the consumer.  It truly is amazing how deep we can dive in without spending a virtual penny. It all seems to really come down to mastering how the backend of these tools work, while being able to effectively incorporate our understanding of the personas and an innate ability to write for these segments effectively.

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