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Branding Laws and the Big Boys

Laws of branding and how Companies implement them.  Based on the book 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.

Apple—Law of Expansion:

Apple grew as a manufacturer of computers that served the demanding needs of creative professionals. Since they launched into the consumer world with the global impact of the iPod, and now the iPhone, with so many more tools being developed, Apple has be walking down this road. I for one have found aggravation from what I am use to seeing from Apple compared to what we are seeing now. For example, Apple is now basically a PC with a better operating system. If they keep going down the road of destroying PC, they may lose the very market that kept the viable when PC was in complete control of the consumer.

BMW—Law of the Name:

While BMW is the initials for the company, Bauhaus Motor Works, it is more than three initials. When you hear BMW, you think power, driving perfection, elegance, and so on. What I find unique is that in forming their brand, packed behind three letters—B, M, and W—they have actually created a word that says nothing, but means everything to the car aficionado. I think this is one of the best examples of how a brand is a name, while the name creates the brand.

Sony—Law of the Company:

While Sony could be where Apple is heading, they are masterful at keeping the company branding separate from the product and category branding. I have bought everything from blank tapes, to TVs and more that this company has made, because it was Sony. Even though the other laws point out to keep your scope narrow, Sony combats this by making sure that they do separate their Company name from the Product, just as with the PlayStation as pointed out in the reading. Sony has branded the company as quality, allowing this to spill into new product and branding opportunities.

Puma—Law of Change

Puma has been a fashion icon since the disco era. However, I remember a time where Puma fell from the top with the rise of Nike, Adidas, and even Fila. While some have more share of the market and some less, Puma has shown how it can change with the times, the perception of the consumer, and in relation to the competition. While some choices may not be the best, they have proven a long time standing in the world of sneakers and urban fashions.

Google—Law of the Category

Google has become the search engine market one could say. They are a great example of defining a category. They are not the first, but they are the innovator and the defining company in the field. By projecting them as the end all solution of the search engine category, they have paved a road in the Internet that keeps them at the top and in a position to develop the numerous related technological advancements that fit in the search engine mechanism. The beauty is their branding the category as theirs makes them the authority to the new developments and resources that they develop and offer.

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