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Brand Your Brand Awareness—a thoughtful branding expose

I present you with a branding stream of consciousness—brainstorming at work.

It seems there is a fine line between the brand and the category and where to step and when. While some companies, like Gucci, offer a variety of products that extend over multiple product categories (as in travel bags, and clothes), it apparently dissolves the barrier of the risk of losing market share in relation to the law of expansion, ultimately violating the law of contraction. So where do you draw the line is what I am wondering? If you can always secure branding your image as a point of view that molds status across multiple brand friendly product categories, where do you decide to stop? It’s almost like you can defeat the laws while violating the laws at the same time…thoughts anyone?

I mean look at Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Mail, and so on. I think this may be where new school business will step in a cause some amending to these laws in simple but very effective ways. While they are well ahead all competitors, the competitors seem to follow suit, Bing less than the others. And maybe it is that Bing is really paying attention to it’s branding—it really is the first to offer a non-white space layout and design in lieu of a colorful creative design.

Do you think in the case of Xerox being cornered by the law of the name, isn’t it better to just come up with a completely new brand? I don’t know why everything is so conglomerated nowadays. It is the same amount of energy to start a new line as it is releasing a new brand in many cases, so why not realize that differences and varieties are good for sales and profit. I think we are all so stuck on making sure we are the best and we are recognized by this fact. As sales become second nature to the buying experience, I think we will see more variety in brands and companies providing these brands via the Internet especially.

I was in Germany and in Russia in 1991 when I was 14 years old. And I got to drink beer in the McDonald’s in both countries (at 14 mind you). As a young impressionable kid, it really challenged my thinking of how business and laws operate here at home in the USA. I have to say this kind of puts a plug in consistency doesn’t it? It would make since that a Global leader would respect laws in all countries by reinforcing global support.

One thing I feel compelled to point out as a motorcyclist, Harley is notorious for breaking down. And even despite this, they still dominate with the power of their brand. In this case…if it is broke, don’t fix it either.

I think a lot of the expansions and changes we are seeing, as with Burger King, and the multitude of others, is a result of old school players getting freaked out by the changing climate of the new school Internet world. With so many options the think about crossing borders, crossing product lines, and driving profits, while forgetting about the thing they need to do most—provide the product the consumer needs and wants. Respond to their desires and their feedback and we can all take a bite out of our own Apple. Think about Burger King’s position, people need to get healthy, and they are being preemptive, I give them credit actually in this case. Let McDonald’s be McDonald’s and redefine the fast food game. But maybe this will make Chipotle the new leader in the years to come.

How about those pink Mary Kay cars....did you all forget? They are Pink Cadillac's. There are even pop songs supporting the branding image. Purposeful or not, it is the power branding at work.

BMW always represents the finest in automotive engineering in my branded opinion. It comes from experience and desire. I hear safety, I think Volvo, when I think BMW, the safety aspect is not even a thought. It is pretty much assumed when you think they are already the best.  So why even comment on being safe when you don't have to. For Volvo, it became their brand, and also pigeon holed them behind someone like BMW.

Let’s step into the color discussion, I find it simply amazing how color can work for one brand, and can then lead to the death of another brand. It is important to always focus on not just what the color means to your brand, as well as what the people will associate the color with in their purchase, use, and disclosure of your product. My company is in the Criminal Justice field, so where the car industry sees red as sexy and fast, our clients automatically and immediately associate blood with the color. Now I am not saying that is bad for our branding as our clients see blood every day, but it is crazy how the same color can be perceived completely different by the same person in different settings.

I think as Web 2.0 begins to spin into Web 3.0 land in the years to come, we will be able to track where our consumers are, what they are doing, and change colors in real time to set moods and drive behavior stimulants their way to get them to spend their money with us.

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